Thursday, December 6, 2012


Do you remember that phrase?  "Ugga mugga, ugga mugga", it was usually accompanied by a sweet little nose to nose rub.  Still no?  How about this guy, remember him?
Mister Rogers and his little friend, Daniel Tiger.  For me, this is a very fond memory of growing up and I still to this day remember his songs.  So you can imagine my excitement when Faith was sitting on my lap humming this song-
And then I was almost giddy when she gently rubbed noses with me and said in a quiet little voice, "Ugga mugga, ugga mugga", it was so precious, like revisiting a little bit of my childhood. Not too long ago we discovered a new show on PBS called, "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", and Faith loves to watch it.
I'm really enjoying hearing the lessons and songs I learned from Mister Rogers coming from my little one's mouth.  And I especially enjoy her little nose rubbing mine and her sweet little voice, "Ugga mugga, ugga mugga".  Little moments like that are why I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up.