Friday, October 10, 2008


Rob took vacation time last week and the kids went to my parent's in Colorado and we WORKED OUR BUTTS OFF! The goal was to complete all the unfinished projects from the flood and we had a lot of success. No more missing trim or holes in the walls and a new ceramic tile floor in the kitchen and dining room! The first part of the week was no big deal, we did the "easy" stuff, then we installed the concrete backer board and tile to the floors! Rob put down the concrete board, (I understand this was NO FUN) and I laid the tile and grouted, Rob was my trusty tile saw expert! I didn't have enough "stuff" on the floor to make the tile stick so we had to put more on it to keep it from popping up, and then, because it's a ceramic, it took longer to dry and the only easy thing was grout! Now, it is dry and looks great. The kids, of course had a fabulous time with Nana and Papa! They went swimming and on field trips and that wonderful woman even substitute taught for me the whole time! She blows me away (love you Mom!)! This year for our anniversary my parents wanted to give us the money to go to a bed and breakfast for the weekend, since the kids were gone for the whole week, we didn't need to go stay anywhere, we had a date every night! We ate out and saw movies and had a great time every evening. Even though we worked so hard everyday we had a great evening to look forward to! So, now when you hear the legend of the seven month pregnant woman that laid 300 square feet of 16 by 16 tile and did not go into labor, you can say, "hey it's true, I know that crazy woman!"
As a side note-you may be wondering why the floors needed to be done -again - yes, they were done only a year ago. My Mom and installed beautiful laminate floors, that six months later started to buckle in the dining room and kitchen, and they couldn't be fixed, so there you have it, as if we needed more to do, now there is tile!