Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zach and Faith

There were a few I took of Faith and Zach playing between poses that I thought were so sweet that I had to share, they really capture their relationship.  Yes, they really are frequently this sweet with each other, even when they think Mom is not looking!


This is our littlest princess, Faith, she is just past 3 years old now.  She is quite the mystery, she can be the sweetest loving little girl one minute, and literally the meanest little thing you ever crossed the next.  We've never had a kiddo that will root for the wicked witch!  She is so funny like that.  Deceivingly sweet, till you cross her! 
But when she is sweet, she is VERY sweet, snuggling and just so precious to love on.

Faith loves to read books, sing, and work with flash cards, she is so smart.  Because Faith has had some health issues and speech delays, we have been in therapy for almost a year now, she really enjoys it and likes all of her teachers, and all of her teachers love her.
While Faith is becoming easier to understand, Zach is her best interpreter and can almost always understand her.

Faith loves to be outside and her favorite thing to do is swing!  She could swing (and will) for hours!  I love that huge smile on her face when she runs across the park to the swings.  She loves to play with her big brothers and big sister, she follows them like a good little sister should.  Her favorite thing to do with Grace is play dress up.  Anytime Grace will dress her in any kind of crazy fun way, she loves it, mostly, I think she just enjoys the time with Grace.


Here is Zachary, a.k.a. Zach, a.k.a. Monster (partly for his size), he is now 5 1/2 years old.  He is such a loving, sweet boy.  I can just be walking through the room he is in and I will hear, "I love you, Mommy", or he will come find me in another part of the house, just to kiss and hug me.   
He is a great artist, and will sit at the dining room table for literally hours drawing and coloring very elaborate pictures.  He says the funniest things constantly, sometimes, he's very aware of his cleverness, other times, he surprises himself even.  He is a wonderful singer, and loves to sing songs to Jesus.  He is a prayer warrior, and lifts up requests to God like I've never heard a child do.  His heart is so sincere and caring of others. 

He is such a gift to our family.  He is not in school yet, but will start in the fall at McClure.  He has recently started dance, and is a "natural" as the teacher says.  We pretty much already knew that!  He is also very good at every sport he tries and has had such great balance, that he has proficiently ridden a two wheel scooter since before his second birthday! 

He is ever the ladies man, such a charmer.  He has such a great imagination and can play for hours with his action figures and dinosaurs.  One of the things I love the most is how much he loves his baby sister.  He is such a great big brother!  On the occasion that he does get into trouble, he's quick to give hugs and kisses, hoping all will be forgotten!