Friday, February 26, 2010


So, every day I come across those who admire my coupon using, money saving abilities, and then there are the "haters", the people who are just so mean, really-quite rude! Like tonight when I was at the store and this guy behind me in line was making funny comments like "Look, she's amazing, she's saving so much money! I can't believe this, looks at all the money she's saving!" When he asked how much I saved and I was very happy to report that it was more than 75% off and that I also got then $12 in Register Rewards back too, he was applauding, the checker then said "it takes so much time though", to which he asked me, "but what do you make an hour clipping those coupons?" For which I could very confidently tell him I make about $100 an hour! Then he set down his cigarettes and his Diet Coke and laughed "I guess I'll pay full price for these!" The checker then said to me, "Well, I guess if you have nothing better to do." To which I replied, I actually have 5 children AND I home school, so I keep busy, thank you. I was quite astounded by her remark and from overhearing her talking about going to school and working at the drug store, I wonder-is SHE going to be making $100 an hour anytime soon? Even AFTER graduation? I highly doubt it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I can honestly say that this has NEVER happened before!  And quite frankly I'm a little surprised that it hasn't, five kids running sometimes a bit wild at a fun place like a bowling alley are tough to keep track of! I ALMOST left one of them!  Sadly, this time I had help too!  Anyway, Zach went running from the bathroom after a diaper change (pray for potty-training to happen SOON!) and I thought since our lane was right outside the bathroom that SURELY Rob would see him and catch him as I finished up (thank goodness this didn't happen while I was alone!), but he was oblivious and so Zach made a B-line for the arcade!  So less than five minutes later as we are headed out the door, Keith says, "Where's Zach?" and O my word!  We ALMOST left him!!!!  Thankfully we did not, and he was having quite the time playing with the birthday party full of kids in the arcade!  How embarrassing!  So, above is the face of our 3 1/2 year old stinker, whom we ALMOST left in the arcade at the bowling alley!  Doesn't he look traumatized?