Saturday, February 7, 2009


The family dynamic has certainly changed! First, I'll tell you about Ethan and Faith. Ethan loves to entertain our little princess! Anytime she is awake you can bet he'll be wanting to play with her. From the time she was three days old he was showing her all her toys and trying to get her to smile! He loves to talk to her and is always able to get her attention. He has successfully been able to burp her and is very proud of that accomplishment.

Grace aka "Mommy: The Sequel" is always there to rescue Faith from the slightest whimper of discomfort! All it takes is a little peep and there's Grace! Whisking her away to the rocker to soothe away anything that troubles her. She feels her greatest accomplishment is rocking Faith to sleep, a talent she discovered one day while helping me with dinner by holding her baby sister. She's a pro now. While she is also Faith fashion consultant, full of tips and compliments for her little princess protege!Now Zach, his perspective is obviously different from everyone else, he was the baby till six weeks ago, now there's a new kid on the block. He adores her, that doesn't mean he's not ever jealous, when he isn't trying to show us he can still be a cute baby, he wants to help-a lot! Which consists of holding her head while she is nursing, patting her back to burp her when Mommy or Daddy is holding her, and dashing to her side, pacifier in hand whenever she cries, yelling "Papes Pire!" which translates to "Faith's Pacifier" in English!