Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big One Little One

Rob caught these two and called me over to the window.
I was inside and they were moving so the pictures aren't great, but I had to share this.
I promise I didn't dress them alike,
Keith actually dressed Zach to go outside and play with him!
Sometimes, if you can just forget you're trying so hard to be cool,
you can have a lot of fun, or share a special moment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zach in the Box!

Room by Room

The house is slowly coming along. I took some pictures to show the progress! The living room, crown molding and everything! The dining room, with the plate shelf Rob and I put up, this looks so much better than the exposed two by fours you might remember from Zach's birthday pictures.
So, FOUR rooms are now completed! Yeah!

For the Birds!

Home schooling is going well, Ethan is over the "honeymoon" phase of it and realizes that it is school. We are studying birds and we painted a bird feeder, this is the highlight of most days now-watching the birds. The first day, when we hung it up Ethan stood by the window, for the longest I've ever seen him stand in one place, waiting for a bird to come! He insisted that they would find it while he waited, I persuaded him away from his perch to finish his school work and the next morning, there was a surprise for Ethan, a big Cardinal sitting at his feeder. Ever since, our feeder has been quite the "hot spot" for the neighborhood birds, and we are loving the view!