Thursday, March 29, 2007


My oldest, Keith (12), decided it was time that my youngest, Zachary (7 months), learn to play football, and Ethan (4), was going to help. First things first, stance, is very important. If the ball is dropped, you must cover the ball. And when you are tackled, get back up! Aren't they cute! They had so much fun!

Zachary's Hair Cut

As you can see Zachary needed a hair cut like a boy band hasn't had in months! However, cutting a 7 month olds hair proved to be an adventure in and of itself!

It took Rob to hold his head steady and his big brother, Keith to dance like a big goof in front of him to keep his attention and me armed with the scissors, to get the job done. As you can see this was almost more fun than he could handle!

We survived, considering, I think the hair cut came out pretty well! He's happy! I wish I had a picture of the rest of us afterwards!!!

Bailey's Meow

My neice, Bailey, who is four, lost her precious bear, "Meow", about a month ago, this bear went eveywhere with Miss Bailey and though she had lost her ears, her nose and her tail, she was none the less precious, and Bailey was devastated. The other day while cleaning their garage out, my sister found Meow, Bailey was elated! She exclaimed, "she still has no ears and no nose and she still smells like throw up!" What a wonderful thing!!! A lost friend is found! Remember who your stuffed friends were when you were four!


You may be wondering about Lucille, well, here is the deal, the kids and I thought it would be a kick to name our mini van. The names in the running were "Silver Bullet", "Quicksilver", and "Tin Can", I thought of Lucille, as in Lucille Ball, cute huh! Anyway, there it is, maybe you've seen her on the road, she is only distinct by her family "decor".


Can you believe this bruise? I would love to tell you the story, it was while I was in Colorado, not when we climbed Red Rock Mountain, not when I went down the water slide, not even when I went sledding in the mountains, nope. I got this nasty big bruise when I was vacuuming out Lucille for the trip home, I caught my flip flop on the seat and fell out the side door! But if anyone asks, a rope broke while I was rock climbing and I was dangling by a thread when I slammed into the side of the mountain and survived only by a prayer!

First Post!

Hey there! This is my first post, so be gentle!! This is a great picture of my mom, sister and myself with all the kids at Red Rocks in Colorado. This was apart of our Spring Break Adventure to my Mom's in Golden, Colorado. Notice that our wonderful husbands were not joining us this trip. Nine hours in "Lucille" (our silver Ford Windstar) with all four kids of my kids was so exciting, never a dull moment! Because of scheduled conflicts Andrea (my sister) couldn't caravan there with me, I was on my own, I made only two stops to nurse Zachary and use the facilities (yes, I am a determined driver). I am blessed with four great kids that travel like pros too.