Saturday, April 21, 2007

Patty Cake

"Patty Cake, Patty Cake", or "Yeh Zach, that's how you get him clappin! He really loves to show off his tricks, making funny noises with his mouth and hand, waving, patty cake, bouncing on his horse, he's a show stopper!

This horse is the other best $5 I spent at a G-sale.

Yes, really I am just showing off my adorable baby boy! He's just so cute!

He Stands!

Look what I walked in on the other day! I could hardly believe my eyes! Of, course I grabbed the camera! What a big boy! You know in the past two days, now he pulls up on everything and now gets into even more! I bought this toy at a G-sale for $5 and I have to say, I never spent a better $5, he loves it, and you know, the older kids like to play with it too, with Zach, of course!

A Treasure Hunt!

Ethan's 5th birthday party was so much fun! I love kids parties, it is permission to be a little kid again! This year Ethan had a pirate theme and I have to tell you, this was so fun and easy! Everyone had a great time. Rob and I dressed up as pirates, which was such a hit with everyone, I love to play dress-up, but Rob was mortified and assured me that it was just for me that he did this! He is so great! He looked so great! The "Dreaded Robert" and "Wench Winter"
A friend told me about this cake at the Price Chopper on 21st and Fairlawn, I have to say, this way an awesome cake, decorated flawlessly and it tasted so good! The frosting even had great flavor. The guy working in the bakery was so helpful and made sure it would be done even though I came in to order the day before the party! I planned to make my own, but after seeing this on display, I had to have it! When he called to let me know it was done he even kept the secret and said "Arg, Ball family, yer pirate 'thing' is ready!" Big shout out to Price Chopper this time!

We had a treasure hunt, colored maps for fun, we did a pirate puzzle, dressed up like pirates and put on pirate tatoos too!
Ethan insisted that his be in the same place that Rob has one, on his chest (so cute!).

Party America had the cutest pirate gear!
Ethan invites ye to search fer buried treasure on the account of his birth, the gold is a plenty and The invites this year were e-vites, these are so much fun! I went to and found the pirate theme and away we went! I had to look up the pirate lingo: Ahoy mates! Cap'nkoolade a flowin', we'll be singin a chantey me hearties and be on yer gaurd to play fair or walk the plank for a visit with Davy Jones! Arrr! All ye buccaneers come aboard on Friday the 20th of April at 6 pm in the shipyard at ye ol' Shunga Drive and MacVicar. Fair winds till then!
My biggest reward was the smiling faces!

Like Father Like Son

To avoid the battle of the remote control, we have given Zach a remote that he can be in control of, it's an old one with no batteries, and he loves it! Like father, like son, both are happy now!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Gettin' Crafty

Okay, I was going on about my lamp shade that I made after a MOPS craft we did, I was just so inspired by the leopard tissue paper I could not resist (thanks Michelle)! It was a hoot, I did another pot too!This one was bigger than the one from MOPS, I put utencils in it! Neat-o!

And this is the one that started it all! Isn't it beautiful? I added the red roses, I love leopard print and red roses!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Prayer's Please

As some of you know, I have struggled with depression, at a time when my life was very different, but a lot of this was linked to having babies too. At Ethan's 8 month mark, I started to really take a dive, as wonderful as life is now, I struggle with fear of this happening again and I have had some pretty big ups and downs as of late. Keep me in your prayers if you would please, pray that I will keep my eyes on God and daily count my blessings.

On his knees

He's doing it! He is up on his knees, pulling up on toys and in his bed, I can't believe how fast he got the hang of it! He is getting so big! I can hardly believe it, 8 months ago he was brand new! Of course, he is into eveything, crawling to doors and drawers, opening any that he can, he's is exploring the whole house!

He has hit the 20 pound mark and passed it! SO BIG! As cute as he can be, still blue eyes and that one dimple that takes your breath away!

Grace's Wonderful Day!

I don't know if this is every 7 1/2 year old girl, but my little angel has become this little ball of raging emotions, everyone, she says, hates her, and she has no friends. She is so popular at school and very loved by all who know her. Her emotions run wild and "no one undestands me or listens to me!" To me, this was a cry out for attention, I have been pouring on the attention for her since a 20 minute "break down" a few weeks ago and today my beautiful little princess Grace had a wonderful day, she was out of school as was all 501. To make her day special I contacted her "Nanny Pam", to take her for a special one on one lunch. She had a wonderful time and when she got home we went shopping, this is when she found the prettiest nightgown and robe, we HAD TO HAVE IT! And isn't she so pretty!