Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas With The Kempers

This year there was another Kemper joining us and Simon was a lot more mobile, so this year was definitely a bit more exciting than last year. Every year is so much fun, but the more little ones, the better, I think! Instead of writing lots and lots, I'm just going to post lots of pictures. My brother Nick and his wife, Stacey hosted this year in their beautiful, big, old house, it was wonderful! And my youngest sister, Jada even joined us this year!
Monkey-see, monkey-do! 
Faith and Eliza texting and talking on their play phones.
Joy, Ethan, Bailey and Grace

Snuggles for Papa 
from Faith

Snuggles for Nana
from Eliza and Levi

Simon's new favorite game to play-ride on Zach! He couldn't quite stay on, so Bailey helped. Simon was all smiles for this!

Story time with Papa, will snuggles, of course!

Eliza wearing her skirt and tutu she got.
Simon attempting to drill his head, while wearing his new Doctor's coat, he looks like a mad scientist! Too cute!
Kisses for Levi from Faith
And next year there will be a new baby to kiss, I'm sure my sister is happy that there is just a few more weeks will he's here!

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