Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Home For Christmas

Yesterday it was so nice to just be home for Christmas, no running around, just hanging out in our pjs all day, playing and snuggling! It was great. I found it funny that Grace was the first one up, then Ethan, then Zach and we almost had to go wake up Faith! 
Because we did a homemade Christmas, it was really fun to see everyone's expressions, I wish I was quicker with taking pictures, it really was great. The maker of the gift and the receiver, both so excited.
In addition, everyone got their traditional books and clothing and stocking filled to overflowing.

And maybe a Taylor Swift CD!

Ethan loves those Ripley's books!

Super Zach!

The sandbox that Daddy made for Faith.
The race track Rob made! Ready for graffiti!
He already had a notebook full of designs that he's drawn, so he got right to work!
A sweet little Faith!
Playing Donkey Kong (or King Kong as Zach keeps calling it!)
Mugs that Grace and I went to Potwin Pottery to make for Christmas, I think they turned out perfect and we had a wonderful time together, it was like twice the gift!
The checkers set that Rob made Zach has already seen some intense games! Zach LOVES to play checkers!
Faith showing off her new pjs that Mommy and Nana made.
Zach showing off his super hero costume that I made him.

Silly Faith!

Faith wanted to take pictures with my camera, so this is one she took, she's holding the camera out as far as she can.
Taking her own picture! She may want to try her hand at photography!
Getting ready to watch a movie and snuggle after Grace and Ethan left for their dad's house.
Everyone had a great day, full of playing and fun, laughter and cuddles, it was a wonderful Christmas.
Baby girl didn't quite make it through the whole movie though!


Amy said...

Love all of your homemade gifts! They are amazing!

Winter said...

Thanks Amy, they were really fun to do!

MagenRanae said...

I'm with Amy -- those are some amazing homemade gifts. Your family is WAY more talented than mine! :)