Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A midst the wonderful Thanksgiving that we had, we began passing around the stomach flu at our house, I had prayed that everyone would be healthy for the day, and miraculously we were.  We went to my Aunt Amy's again this year, it's been a tradition for a lot of years.  Even when my aunt and uncle lived in a very small house next door to me, we all crammed in.  I love those memories, I love my big, crazy family, that we are all so different and from an outsider's look in, I'm sure no one would guess we are related. 
In my mom's family, she had two brothers and two sisters, and all of them have had two-plus kids, and each of them have been getting married and having kids of their own, making our family HUGE now.  There is someone for each of the kids and grand kids to play with, several times many of us have been expecting at the same time.  Growing up with so many cousins around my age made for some really fun holidays.  I am so glad my kids have that too. 
Every year I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I don't regret that the reason is I get so caught up in the day.  This year was no different.  About eight years ago, my aunt and uncle moved to a big, beautiful, old house, on five acres.  It reminds me of when my cousins and I were little and one of my other uncle's lived on a farm.  We loved running all over that place, so I love that for the past several years all of my kids have run like that all over my aunt's land. 
Calling kids in to eat and watching them come running, all rosie cheeks and smelling of fresh air, what a great site to see.  The weather this year was so beautiful, perfect for playing and exploring outside. 
Because my Uncle Steve was so sick, last year I hosted Thanksgiving for just my immediate family, it was great, but I missed seeing the whole family.  We lost my uncle to cancer soon after that.  It was definitely different this year.  He is greatly missed.  My uncle was a wonderful cook and it was sad to not see him running the kitchen this year.  Don't get me wrong, the food was wonderful, everyone pitched in and there was a huge spread.
While the day was wonderful, it was slightly shadowed by the knowledge that this is probably our last Thanksgiving there, my aunt is moving to Lawrence for her job and selling the house.  Several of us were discussing options for buying it to keep it in the family, but sadly, I think we will all have to let it go.  Funny how a house can be like a family member over time. 
This year there was a new family member, Nick and Stacey's little Levi, to love on, and next year there will be another, Andrea's and Josiah's baby boy.  Our big family just keeps getting bigger and even more wonderful.
Next year there will be a new house to gather in, and everyone will make new memories there.  My cousin, Rob and my dad will get there early to claim their spot on the couch for football watching and napping, and the kids will run and laugh in a whole new place to explore.
And maybe next year, I will take more pictures, like I say I will every year.  But something I hope will never change, is that every year we will all be together, at least for one day.

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