Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a crazy BUSY Halloween week we have had!  
I feel like this afternoon has been my first breath!
It all started Saturday night when I got to go with the youth group to Gary's Pumpkin Patch, 
it was cold, but a really great time.
I enjoyed getting to know some of the faces I see at church 
every week a little better.  
Did I mention is was COLD???

Then on Monday night we carved and painted pumpkins.

This year I let the kids choose how to do their pumpkins, Faith and Ethan still wanted to carve theirs,

Grace and Zach painted theirs.

I love that Grace painted Pac Man, it makes this 80's era mom, proud.

After we lit the carved pumpkins Zach was a little upset that he couldn't light his up.

This was the first year that Ethan designed and carved his own pumpkin. 
Tuesday morning Faith and I went to a nursing home with my MOPs group, 
there was a great group of kids and 
Faith enjoyed that even more than I thought she would. 

Faith chose to be a "Mom" this year.  She told me everything she needed to be a Mom, things like coffee, a cell phone, a camera, a purse, a baby, jewelry, a cute outfit, and make up.

I thought it was quite interesting to see myself through her eyes.  I made her a little sling for carrying her baby in, just like I used to carry her in and of course we had to visit Starbucks so she could have a coffee cup to carry!

She got a great response from her costume, everyone knew exactly what she was supposed to be!  Of course this has all gone to her head too, she says, "Don't talk to me that way, I'm a MOM!".

That night we got to spend some more time with our MOPs friends 
at a Fall Festival out in Berryton,
it was a wonderful time, including a real hayride and bon fire!  
I love my MOPs group so much!
Wednesday morning at Faith's preschool she had a little parade and party, it was the cutest thing, they sang all of us parents their cute little Halloween songs complete with actions.

This is Faith and her bestie, "Mona" a.k.a Ramona.  They are too cute!

A couple of weeks before Halloween my sister finally told me the theme for their house, CIRCUS!  I helped sew the circus curtains and I still wasn't planning on dressing up, but, well, then I saw this!

 I changed my mind and went shopping, for THIS!  I know, speechless, aren't you?!?!  It was SO FUN showing up to the boy's school parade dressed like this when they didn't know I was dressing up at all!
Ethan didn't recognize me till I talked, neither did Rob!  
Zach knew his mommy right away though, I'm not sure how though!
My sister and her whole family dressed the part, it was so much fun!  You would think that more people would be disturbed by the bearded ladies, but nope, it was me, scarring the young and old in my clown get up!

Grace dressed up as a ninja...

Ethan was a nerd, doesn't he make an amazingly convincing nerd?

And Zach was a dinosaur (of course).

Because my sister and her family live in the Potwin area, we saw probably close to 1200 Trick or Treaters that night, it was amazing and fun, our whole family came, including my mom, who drove here special for the evening.

We were told several times that it was the best house in the neighborhood!

I told Rob that next year I want him to take off work so he can help me with all the parties and events.  Rob and I did get a little down time this week, we went to see my cousin Dalton in his high school play, "The Liar", which was so great.  

On Friday, after Faith's preschool, my mom and I spent some quality time together in Lawrence shopping and lunching, it was a much needed fun time for us. 

That night, since my dad was also in town now, everyone had dinner at my parent's place and then Rob and I left the little ones there and went to see, Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" at the Topeka Civic Theater.  I feel so cultured in the arts now. :)

Today, I got to spend some time helping at the New Hope Food Pantry and if you check out my NEW BLOG, as promised on Monday, you can read about that.

As fun as the week was, I am ready to CRASH!

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